Safety & Loss Control

Grant Program

The grant program is designed to assist members as they strive to improve employee safety and prevent liability losses through training, and the purchase of equipment or services. We believe each member can reduce their exposure through proactive management of risk in the community and workplace.

An additional Employment Practices Liability (EPL) grant is available. This grant can be used to update personnel policies and for employment related training or conferences and is available until exhausted.

PARSAC staff is available to assist you in maximizing the impact of your grant award with thorough loss analysis, consultation services and partnerships with industry experts.

Grants are awarded based on their potential impact on the member’s risk management objectives. Attendance for more than one employee at risk management conferences (PARMA, CAJPA) can be reimbursed with grant funds, limited to $3,500 per fiscal year. All projects approved under the Grant Program must be completed and submitted for reimbursement by May 1 each year.

Simply complete the quick and easy Application for your risk management project:

Grant Application

Grant Program Brochure

Grant Program Policy 

Your entity’s grant activity is available on the Member Dashboard. Feel free to call us at 800-400-2642 with any questions you may have.

Risk Assessment

PARSAC conducts risk assessments so members can evaluate their operational exposures. Each assessment is conducted in collaboration with the member’s key personnel. The assessment is designed to assist members in identifying and mitigating areas of potential risk. During the assessment process, we review member operations including policies & procedures, the physical workplace and public facilities. Members are encouraged to use their grant funds to address risk assessment recommendations.