General Liability

General Liability

The Liability Program is one of two self-funded programs and provides coverage to $50 million per occurrence for general and automobile liability, and public officials’ errors and omission. PARSAC self-funds coverage up to $1 million. Losses that exceed this amount are covered by CSAC Excess Insurance Authority (CSAC-EIA).

Participants self-insure (“retain”) a portion of each loss. Self-Insured Retention (SIR) options range from $5,000 to $750,000. This program requires members to maintain three times the SIR in a reserve fund.  Regardless of the SIR selected, PARSAC provides its members with proactive claim oversight and litigation management by working closely with each Member and their claims administrator.

PARSAC also provides cost-effective, qualified defense counsel through the Liability Defense Panel. This highly recognized Panel includes attorneys who have proven success in all areas of public entity defense including law enforcement, civil rights, land use, and dangerous conditions of public property.

The Liability Program is experience-rated meaning member contributions are adjusted based on loss experience. This ensures equitable distribution of risk and stable rates. Experience-rating also provides each member with an incentive to effectively reduce their individual contribution through proactive loss prevention.

Employment Practices Liability coverage (EPL) is a component of the Liability program with coverage provided by the Employment Risk Management Authority (ERMA) up to $1 million per occurrence; coverage above ERMA is provided by CSAC-EIA up to the Liability Program limits. Details regarding claims reporting, training and other services available through ERMA are available in the ERMA Quick Reference Handbook.