Our current membership consists of cities and towns and one fire district located throughout California, including small and large, rural and urban, contract and full-service communities. All members participate in proactive safety and loss control programs with the common goals of reducing risk, minimizing losses and controlling costs.

Member Representatives

Each PARSAC member appoints a representative to the board of directors. This allows each member input to direct and control the organization. Members work toward common goals and objectives to minimize loss exposures, expand coverage, and, ultimately, reduce costs. Regardless of size, each member is afforded one vote. To visit any of our members’ website, click on that members logo.

City of Amador City

City of Avalon

City of Belvedere

City of Blue Lake

City of California City

City of Calimesa

City of Calistoga

City of Citrus Heights

City of Clearlake

City of Coalinga

City of Ferndale

City of Grass Valley

City of Highland

City of Menifee

City of Nevada City

City of Placentia

City of Placerville

City of Plymouth

City of Point Arena

City of Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Fire

Rancho Santa Margarita

City of San Juan Bautista

City of South Lake Tahoe

City of Tehama

City of Trinidad

Town of Truckee

City of Twentynine Palms

City of Watsonville

City of Wheatland

City of Wildomar

Town of Yountville

City of Yucaipa

Town of Yucca Valley


Additionally, there is an eleven-member executive committee consisting of four officers and seven members-at-large. The executive committee members are elected from the board of directors and serve staggered two-year terms. The board of directors and executive committee may appoint subcommittees as needed. Various subcommittees are formed throughout the year to analyze, research or develop programs and services for the board’s consideration.

 President:John Gillison, City of Rancho Cucamonga
 Vice President:Steve Rogers, City of Yountville
 Auditor/Controller:Carolyn Steffan, City of Tehama
 Treasurer:Chuck Dantuono, City of Highland
 Officer Emeritus:Stephen Wright, Retired
 Members at Large:Amy Van, City of Citrus Heights
Jay Parrish, City of Ferndale
Cleve Morris, City of Placerville
Richard Shoemaker, City of Point Arena
Tamara Vides, City of Watsonville
Debra Breidenbach-Sterling, Town of Yucca Valley
Amber Johnson, City of Belvedere


Workers’ CompensationFinanceLoss Control OversightTech Committee
Carolyn Steffan, City of TehamaChuck Dantuono, City of HighlandSteve Rogers, Town of YountvilleDiego Chavez, City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Debra Breidenbach-Sterling, Town of Yucca ValleyAmber Johnson, City of BelvedereDebra Breidenbach-Sterling, Town of Yucca ValleySuryel Vasquez, City of Watsonville
Kim Szczurek, Town of TruckeeDave Warren, City of PlacervilleMelissa Swanson, City of ClearlakeJulie Baldia, Town of Yountville
VacantNoah Daniels, City of Rancho CucamongaTamara Vides, City of WatsonvillePreya Nixon, Town of Yountville
VacantJason Underwood, City of Yucaipa