Training Resources

Members have access to the below training resources, at low or no cost, as well as regional, on-site, and individual training presented by PARSAC. Training topics can be customized to meet the member's needs or individual skill level, including:

  • Risk Management 101
  • Contractual Risk Transfer
  • Implementing a Return to Work Program
  • ADA Interactive Process
  • Claims Handling for City Staff
  • Conducting Investigations
  • Safety Management
  • City Council Orientation
  • New Board Member Orientation 

Annual Academy

Each year, a full day workshop is held which provides members a concentrated day of risk management training including legal updates, lessons learned from claims, and methods to reduce public entity risk in the areas of tort liability, workers' compenation, and employment practices liability. The Academy has enabled us to bring special guest speakers who presented a wide range of professional development topics including organizational management, leadership, and culture change.  

Grant Programs

The Safety & Loss Control Grant Program can be used as a financial resource for providing training on-site, or sending employees to training workshops. In addition, up to $1,000 per year can be used toward risk management conferences hosted by PARMA, PRIMA and CAJPA. Expenses are reimbursed after travel has been completed per the Travel & Expense Policy. In addition, the Board has approved a one-time Employment Practices Liability (EPL) grant of $10,000 per active member. This grant can be used employment practices-related training or conferences. Finally, Members who allow their staff to volunteer on PARSAC subcommittees can earn a stipend that can be used for any type of training. The stipend is earned based on the total number of hours served by the member's staff. Once a stipend is earned, it remains available until used. Refer to the Subcommittee Training Stipend resolution for details.  

Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins

Lexipol is the leading provider of policy management for police and fire. Lexipol's Daily Training Bulletins bring the policy manual into practice through real-life, scenario-based training exercises that emphasize high-risk, low frequency events. Completed and verified in less than ten minutes per day, Daily Training Bulletins often qualify for continuous training certification. PARSAC subsidizes each member's subscription to Lexipol as follows:

  • Police: 50% of intial policy manual subscription, up to $2,500; $1,000 toward renewal; and 100% of Daily Training Bulletin subscription.  
  • Fire: 50% of initial policy manual and Daily Training Bulletin subscription, up to $3,500; 50% of renewal, up to $2,500.      

Target Solutions online training is easy, convenient and FREE! 

Members have access to Target Solutions' suite of safety courses, Preventing Sexual Harassment (AB1825 compliant) at no cost to the entity. In addition, Fire and Waste Water CEU courses are provided to members at a discounted price. A separate contract is required to access the CEU courses, however PARSAC will reimburse the member for each employee who successfully completes a course. 


Live regional training is regularly offered by ERMA, our excess Employment Practices Liability pool, throughout the State. Training topics include: AB1825; Managing, Counseling, and Disciplining Employees; Accommodating Disabled Employees; Social Media; and Free Speech and the Public Sector Workplace. Please refer to the ERMA website to find a training near you!


Our training partner through ERMA, in2vate offers online modules on Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (AB1825 compliant) and Ethics Training (AB1234 compliant). In addition, a suite of modules are available related to human resources/supervisory training, including Interviewing Strategies, Personnel Files, Sensitivity Basics, and Workplace Investigations. All of the online training can be accessed by visiting A username and password is required. If you have misplaced your username and password, please follow the instructions on in2vate's home page.

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Employment Relations Consortium (ERC)

The ERC is comprised of local agencies, school, and community college districts joined together to secure quality employment relations services. This includes training and workshops, monthly newsletters, and unlimited telephone consultation with a labor attorney.

Heenan Communications - Strategic and Crisis Communications

Crises Presentation 

Michael Heeton of Heeton Communications expands on the subject of strategic and crisis communications. Preparation can help you stay ahead of the curve when trouble lurks for an unexpected opportunity. Learn how to be a proactive manager and avoid the common pitfalls of poorly implemented decision-making and planning.

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