Claims Administration

PARSAC's claims are handled by our Third Party Administrator, George Hills Company. In addition, most members claims within their retention level are also handled by George Hills. For questions regarding a claim, or to report a new claim or lawsuit, contact:

Pat Vitale, ARM ERPM
George Hills Company
3043 Gold Canal Drive, Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
phone: 916-859-4826 


The Employment Risk Management Authority (ERMA) is an excess Joint Powers Authority (JPA) created to provide coverage for employment practice liability (EPL) claims. The Quick Reference Handbook outlines the services available through ERMA as well as claims reporting procedures.
ERMA Quick Reference Handbook

This manual was prepared for PARSAC members as a guide for handling claims and lawsuits presented to your entity. It sets forth in general terms: the requirements imposed on claimants; how claims should be processed; requirements of legal complaints; and glossary of common terms.
Liability Claims Manual
Sample Form: A - Serious Incident
Liability claim for damages to person or property.
Sample Form: B - Liability Claim
Notice of Rejection.
Sample Form: C - Rejection
Notice of full payment of claim
Sample Form: D - Full Payment
Notice of partial payment of claim.
Sample Form: E - Partial Payment
Sample resolution.
Sample Form: F - Resolution
General release of all claims.
Sample Form: G-1 - Release All Claims
Medicare sample release language.
Sample Form: G-2 Medicare Release Language
Release of all property claims.
Sample Form: G-3 - Release Property Claims
Notice of insufficiency of claim and return without action.
Sample Form: H - Insufficient Claim
Notice of late claim
Sample Form: I- Late Claim
Notice of board action on application for relief from the claim's satute.
Sample Form: J - Board Action
Rejection - Over one year.
Sample Form: L - Rejection Late Claim
Sample request for medicare information.
Sample Form: M - Request for Medicare Information
Proof of Service by Mail C.C.P. Sections 1013(A), 1013A AND 2015.5
Proof of Service by Mail

These requirements for underlying Third Party Claims Administrators were designed to ensure consistent handling, reflect current practices, comply with excess requirements, and include industry best practices.
Claims Administrator Guidelines

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