Vehicle Liability Coverage

Under California Vehicle Code §16051, the State of California requires that evidence of coverage is to be maintained with each vehicle at all times. As a member of PARSAC, our members are considered self-insured for auto accidents and so a traditional insurance card is not provided.

What to do at the scene

Accidents often involve third parties, who may be injured or have property damage as a result. The involved persons should be advised of the normal procedures for submitting a claim to the Entity. To ensure consistent and accurate information is given, Members may wish to prepare simple written instructions to give to involved parties to reassure them that the Entity will respond appropriately; advise how to obtain a claim form; and provide contact information in case they have questions or need immediate assistance.Vehicle Accident Kit

To assist employees at the scene of an accident, PARSAC developed the Vehicle Accident Kit, which is pre-printed to include: instructions for the employee; vehicle identification card; accident report form; and witness cards. Members are encouraged to review the Vehicle Accident Kit with every driver, as well as the following post-accident instructions:


  • Make any statements to anyone EXCEPT: the Entity, the Entity's Claims Adjuster, or the police.
  • Give forms from the Kit to the third party(ies), except above instructions for filing a claim, if available.


  • Complete all forms with as much factual information as possible.
  • Document the scene with photos, if possible.
  • Obtain witness statements and contact information, if any.
  • PLACE ALL FORMS in the Accident Envelope, seal and route to the designated Entity employee. 

The Entity and their Claims Adjuster will review all of the documentation to determine liability. If the Entity is determined to be partially or fully liable for the accident, third party damages are covered under the liability program. If the third party is found partially or fully liable, the Entity's Claims Adjuster will coordinate with the third party's insurer to cover the Entity's damages.

Who pays for the Entity's damages?

For any accident involving an entity-owned vehicle or employee, two different coverage programs would apply: 

  • If the City-owned vehicle is damaged, repairs or replacement would be covered under PEPIP property program, if enrolled. Download the PEPIP Claim Reporting Packet and complete the appropriate form(s).
  • If an employee is injured in an accident while they are working, their injuries are covered under the self-insured Workers' Compensation Program, if enrolled. Follow the normal procedures for reporting a workplace injury.
  • Please also notify PARSAC, as soon as reasonable, so that we may provide assistance throughout the claim process.


The Vehicle Accident Kit is available on request, at no additional charge, to members. Simply call 800-400-2642 to request one for each entity vehicle.

Before placing the kit in the vehicle(s), the envelope and vehicle identification card must be completed with entity-specific information. Members are encouraged to include a pencil and disposable camera in the vehicle to ensure employees can properly document the accident.   


December 29, 2017
April 20, 2017

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