Our Mission

Mission statement

Since the formation of PARSAC, we have supported our mission through conservative financial management, proactive claims management, and the implementation of cost-effective loss prevention programs. Our excellent loss history, coupled with sound fiscal planning, has resulted in significant savings to our members. Historically, our contribution refunds have averaged thirty cents on every dollar of each member's premium.


As an organization, the Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California values:

The concept that we are not an insurance company, rather a risk sharing pool consisting of Member Entities that play an active role in determining the direction of the organization.

Trust and integrity by assuring the Member Entities that we are committed to excellence and are accountable for our actions.

A stable working environment which promotes employee growth and development, to the end that our employees are motivated and committed to provide the best possible service to Member Entities.

The ability to make available programs specific to Member Entities' needs and, thus, conducive to maximizing membership growth.

The ability to effectively communicate with Member Entities to ensure that the goals and objectives of the organization are accomplished.

Controlling risk through training and information sharing.

Participating in the legislative process as necessary.

Return on investment in risk sharing.


December 29, 2017
April 20, 2017

Loss Control & Grant Program

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