PARSAC is a joint powers authority formed under California Government Code and governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets twice per year to determine program budget and funding, consider new programs and services, and guide the direction of the organization. An Executive Committee, which is elected from among the Board Directors, meets quarterly to develop strategic goals and recommendations for the Board's consideration. The Executive Committee is supported by various subcommittees that are comprised of member subject matter experts. 

To help guide the governance of PARSAC, the Board of Directors adopted the following "End Result" statements:  

End 1: Roles & Responsibilities of the Board. As a result of our efforts, the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and staff make decisions and develop programs that benefit PARSAC as a whole.

End 2: Membership and Funding. As a result of our efforts, there is a realization of financial benefit to the membership based on adherence to best practice risk management standards through an equitable sharing of risk and funding.


End 3: Office Facility. As a result of our efforts, we will have a cost effective office facility sufficient to accommodate current and future staff, board and membership services.


End 4: Membership Support and Training. As a result of our efforts we will have a well informed and supportive base within each entity of our membership and workforces committed to a productive, safe work environment.

End 5: Member Satisfaction. As a result of our efforts, membership retention and growth will be based on a confidence that PARSAC is able to meet and serve current and ever changing needs of a cohesive membership base.

Joint Powers Agreement


Board Code of Conduct

Memorandum of Coverage - General Liability

Memorandum of Coverage - Workers' Compensation


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January 25, 2017
Friendly Reminders
January 17, 2017
2017 - New Rules
January 11, 2017
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Loss Control & Grant Program

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