Our Philosophy

Work Together Toward a Greater Good

Balance Member Interests with those of the Pool 

Discussions are Constructive & Collaborative

Embrace Diverse Opinions

Encourage Participation by all Members

Majority of Actions Require Board Ratification


Introduction to PARSAC

The Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC) was formed in 1986 as CMIA to provide liability coverage in response to the insurance crisis that eliminated commercial coverage for cities. PARSAC is a statewide, risk sharing Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that provides comprehensive coverage to cities, towns and non-municipal public agencies through the state of California. PARSAC operates with an exclusive staff whose only focus is this organization and its members.

PARSAC's self-funded liability program provides coverage for general liability, law enforcement legal liability, public officials' errors and omissions, auto liability, and employment practices liability. PARSAC offers a variety of additional coverage programs including self-funded workers' compensation, group purchased property, special events, and fidelity bonds. 

Maintaining a financially stable risk sharing pool is the foundation of PARSAC. The Board of Directors has remained loyal to a conservative funding and investment philosophy. This approach has proven to be successful as both programs are well-funded with overall funding in excess of 90% confidence level. 


Coverage Programs

Our programs were designed to meet members' changing needs. One of the primary goals of our organization is to maintain good communication with all our members and encourage them to participate in the decision making process. We continually strive to expand and/or add programs as directed by the Board. PARSAC is committed to being both accountable to our members and responsive to their changing needs as they grow. Please click the links below for program-specific information:


Liability and Employment Practices Liability

Workers' Compensation

PEPIP Property Program

Group Purchased and Ancillary Programs


For more information, or to request participation in any of the PARSAC programs, please contact us at (800) 400-2642.


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April 20, 2017

Loss Control & Grant Program

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